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Saturday: Ayer, Oxbow NWR and a long bike ride - Camilla Fox

Sep. 9th, 2003

12:07 am - Saturday: Ayer, Oxbow NWR and a long bike ride

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On Saturday, I took the train out to Ayer, and biked to Oxbow NWR, then home. It's hilly out there; the obvious way there took me over Fruitlands overlook, which is pretty, and apparently quite the hawk watching destination. I saw one hawk, just as I arrived at the top; it was gone before I could get out my binoculars.


Oxbow was less buggy than in the spring, though I still swatted some. Not very birdy, either, but I'm inclined to blame the time of day. There were chickadees (plenty) something flycatcherish, seen at too much distance to identify, and out on the road I saw some cedar waxwings, among other half-seen birds hiding in a tree. I also disturbed three garter snakes and a lot of frogs.

The plants did inspire me to get out the camera; shown here is meadow-beauty, though I'm unsure of which kind. I have more pictures to pick over and post later.

The trip home involved a bunch more hill-climbing; my cycle computer showed speeds of 29mph on some of the descents (feels scary) and a total distance of 51 miles.

A stop by our favorite place outside 128 on the Minuteman was again lucky; a wood duck (female, with the distinctive white eye patch) then a long look at the kingfisher, as he flew away and sat on a wire to preen. Then some snotty-nosed kids who were fascinated by the double-crested cormorants, and called them "crane-birds."


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From: tytso
Date:September 9th, 2003 10:15 am (UTC)
Pretty pictures! What camera/lense did you use to take them?
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From: cfox
Date:September 10th, 2003 08:51 am (UTC)
My new camera is an Olympus C-5050Z, chosen for having a good super-macro setting and battery life for its size/price class. I wanted something I could keep in my backpack most of the time.

So far I've made use of the aperture priority mode, but not much else; there's a skylight filter on there, and I should experiment and find something else if it's distorting the blues.
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