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Turtles - Camilla Fox

Sep. 22nd, 2003

03:46 pm - Turtles

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I went to Great Meadows yesterday. It was ok. I had a few motivation problems with the biking long distances thing - times when I thought, "I want to go home" for no obvious reason. I was rude and went away feeling angry when an old man came along and poked at the snapping turtle with his walking stick.

Snapping turtle:

I'm sure I've photographed turtlehead (Chelone glabra) before, but my photo albums are in hideous disarray. Anyhow, I didn't know what it was when I saw it, and sitting down and tinkering was something I wanted to do at the time, even if it wasn't the cleanest of specimens.

The left side (of Great Meadows) has had the water low enough for long enough that there's grass growing across most of the area; there were a lot of Canada geese, and in the far distance, some peeps that I couldn't see well.

Bird list:
* Black duck (maybe): far side of Great Meadows, among some geese.
* Great blue herons: one on every out-of-water perch, on the far side.
* Tufted titmouse: woods on the Bedford side.
* White-breasted nuthatch: poked around on the ground, which I haven't seen them do before.
* Kingfisher (the male one): close fly-by near the beaver dam next to the minuteman.
* Domestic mallard ducks: Spy pond - the ones that are black with a white bib are new to me.

On the way back, I got to wondering what the owl-shaped lumps on the cell/radio tower that you can see if you look across the swamp by the beaver dam are; it turns out (I biked around to get a closer look) that they are models of owls, and that there's one on each platform. Are they there to keep other birds from roosting on the tower? The way they're mounted doesn't suggest to me that it's just someone thinking it's cute.

I've been a little bothered on the last few outings by my curiosity not always being there when I expect it. Sometimes a bird flies past, and I just don't feel like figuring out what it is, or there's something else to poke at, and I know that in a normal mood, I'd find it interesting but now I don't. Maybe it's a sign that I've been trying too hard, doing too much; I was taking "don't waste any of this lovely fall weather" as an explicit goal, but maybe that's the wrong approach.