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Vulture and lots of reptiles - Camilla Fox

May. 3rd, 2004

07:09 pm - Vulture and lots of reptiles

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This afternoon, we went to Jonathan Dickinson State Park (Hobe Sound, Florida). We were in between thunderstorms, so we only got about an hour to walk around, but there was stuff to see everywhere we looked.

We've been seeing a lot of ospreys, and we flushed some falcon while driving, but today's new bird species was the black vulture (the bare black head was quite clearly visible with binoculars). We also got to see another swallow-tailed kite, and had good views; its flight reminds me of a ray, since it seems to curl its wing edges to navigate.

This outing was rich with reptile life; we saw two large tortoises (maybe gopher tortoise, but I need a field guide) a corn snake, and a six-lined racerunner.