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Mt. Osceola - Camilla Fox

Jul. 18th, 2004

10:56 pm - Mt. Osceola

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Mike took a small group up Mt. Osceola today. It succeeded in being a nice gentle hike, which was what the plan had been.

Before we even hit the trail, I noticed the parking lot had a lot of butterflies; they are White Admiral (Limentis arthemis arthemis), the same as I saw two weeks ago coming down from the Mt. Jefferson hike. They seemed interested in the damp gravel in the parking lot, and were easy to approach with a camera.

The summit was sunny and just cool enough to be pleasant. We spent a while there, but the threatening storm clouds suggested that we should head down. There was impressive thunder all the way down, but we didn't actually get wet until we were within a half mile of the parking lot.