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Horn Pond - Camilla Fox

Aug. 8th, 2004

08:22 pm - Horn Pond

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I seem to have a mild cold (what's up with these things going around in August?) so I spent yesterday lying around being useless. I was cranky enough at missing the nice weather today that I asked Monty to take me to Horn Pond by motorcycle for a quick walk around.

We saw a kingbird feeding two noisy fledglings, many of the usual suspects, and a large tiger swallowtail butterfly which perched high in a tree. On our way out, Monty pointed out that cabbage whites are a butterfly that I routinely dismiss as being too boring to merit a second glance, so I burrowed around in the vegetation to get this picture.

There had been some cabbage white hanky-panky going on, which involved a lot of flapping, but I didn't find a good place to take a picture from until they were being calmer.